IIDA Wisconsin

2024 Student Design Competition

Awards Program Dates

Awards Program Open
From: December 13, 2023 12:00AM CSTTo: February 2, 2024 11:59PM CST
Rules & Regulations



Annually, the IIDA Wisconsin Chapter, celebrates the talent and hard work of our student members.  The competition provides a platform for students to showcase their work, gain exposure in the interior design industry, and gain scholarship dollars!!

Submissions due February 2, 2024

Best of Competition | $2000

First Place (4 categories) | $1250 each

Award of Excellence (4 categories) | $750 each

Scholarships are awarded from the IIDA WI - Susan Wohlitz Memorial Fund.



  • The Celebrate in Design (CiD) competition is open to all IIDA WI student members attending a WI college or university.
  • Participants may be individuals or part of a design team engaged in the practice of design, but must be one of the individuals that worked on the project entered. 
  • The project must have been completed after January 1st, 2022.
  • If the project has previously won an award from IIDA WI then it can not be resubmitted.
  • If a project has been submitted previously into CiD and not won in ANY category, then it can be resubmitted.
  • Students are eligible to enter only (1) project in each of the four categories
  • All entries must adhere to entry requirements and judging criteria. Failure to comply with these specifications will result in disqualification of entry and forfeiture of the entry fees.

Note: The winning projects will be published on the IIDA Wisconsin Chapter website. By making a submission, each entrant certifies that permission has been obtained from the photographer(s) to publish the photographs and images submitted.


  • Project Statement: Clearly defines design goals and solution
  • Technical Proficiency: Demonstrates a correct understanding and practical application of drawing/rendering software, code compliance and material use
  • Creativity: Project is comprised of unique, impactful and beautiful design elements that delight and inspire. Creativity also encompasses the clever use of space and concepts of sustainability and wellness
  • Design Intent: The interior design is firmly aligned with the Project Statement and programming needs of the client
  • Photography: Minimum of (4) project photos in pdf or jpg

Submissions will be judged for the appropriateness of the design solution and the successful integration of the elements of design. Winners are determined by a jury of design professionals. A first place and an award of excellence will be given in each category, given the projects meet all criteria and the jury feels they are of appropriate design and caliber for an award. 


  • (1) Project concept statement (pdf) - 1 page pdf (as long as it fits on on the 1 page PDF in reasonable size font (10 or 11)
    • In your project statement please include your concept ideas that were used to describe your design intent.  Describe any details that you feel would be important to explain how you came to the final design and execution of that design.  Project statement can include descriptions of materials and any unique design features that are integral as part of your design.
  • (1) Floorplan (pdf) - must be in PDF format but multiple pages are allowed in the 1 pdf document.
  • Minimum of (4), maximum (8) project photos in pdf or jpg
  • No identification of designer, firm or project shall be included in the Design Concept Statement, Project Challenges or Project Design Solutions. Entries failing to follow instructions will be disqualified.
  • No identification of designer, firm or project shall be visible on uploaded photography and/or drawings (including file names), including designer name / firm name and respective logos, trademarks, etc. However, in commercial design categories, it is acceptable for company / client logos and signage to appear in photographs. Entries failing to follow instructions will be disqualified.


The Celebrate in Design will take place on Thursday, April 11, 2024 at The Edgewater Hotel - Madison. Registration will open soon. 


Thank you for participating and good luck!